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Potty Training Adventures | Introducing Potty Training

| Potty Training Adventures | with The Mom Blog WI 
Introducing Potty Training
Potty Training Adventures With The Mom Blog WI | Toddlers & Potty Training | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement #PottyTraining
Introducing Potty Training

    A little over a month ago, here at The Mom Blog household, we bought a potty training chair. We hemmed and we hawed about it for weeks. We wanted to introduce potty training because we didn’t want it to be a foreign concept to our toddler when the time came, but we also didn’t want it to backfire and make him completely opposed to the idea either. 

Potty Training Adventures With The Mom Blog WI | Toddlers & Potty Training | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement #PottyTraining
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    I created a Potty Training Pinterest Board to kind of help and so I could pin my favorite articles for introducing potty training early and to kind of familiarize myself with what to do. I’m a first time Mom and I have NO idea what I’m doing when it comes to potty training. I really loved the steps featured by Her View From Home. You can find her pin here and her actual post here on 10 Tips for Early Potty Training. 

    Eventually, we decided it was best to get our toddler used to the idea slowly. So we bought a potty chair. We looked at dozens and compared them all; price, size, weight, style, etc. We have a very tall and because of that, he’s a little heavier than the average toddler who would be potty training. We wanted something that would last the longest so he wouldn’t outgrow the weight recommendations. We finally bought the Summer Infant® My Size Potty. We bought ours from Target, cause Moms and Target go together like PB & J, am I right? 

Summer Infant® My Size Potty

    It’s amazing! We looked at styled and character ones, like a Thomas The Train and Puppy one, but we didn’t find any that were large enough or true to size. We wanted something that would look similar enough to the real potty we had so that transitioning would be easy and familiar, and this potty training chair has been a huge hit with our toddler! 

    It has flush sounds, it has wipe and book storage, (which was a huge plus for Mom!) It even has a little training shield for boys for when they’re sitting down! (Again, HUGE plus for Mom!) At first, my son was very fascinated with the flushing, which was great because he was interested in it immediately! For a few days, he had the urge to pull it out of the bathroom, which we gently discouraged and let him know that the potty wasn’t a toy. We were surprised by how quickly he accepted that and moved on. We were also incredibly surprised and pleased with how quickly our toddler learned the word, “Potty!”

    For weeks, potty trips together were a common occurrence. My son was already pretty much following me into the bathroom, anyways, so we turned it into an event. “Mommy’s going to the bathroom. Do you want to come with?” Which was always met with an eager smile and running to the bathroom. For the first few weeks, he would check out the potty while I went to the bathroom. We didn’t want to force for fear of a negative reaction, but we always asked if he wanted to sit on the potty, too. Sometimes he did, sometimes not. I used encouraging phrases like, “Mommy’s going potty! Shhh, shhh, shhh. Listen.” He was all too excited, and once we were finished, we would both flush our toilets and move on. We didn’t make a big deal, no fuss, and I didn’t feel the need to force him to sit. It would come when he was ready. 

    After the first two weeks, our almost 2 1/2 year old would come in the bathroom with me every time and pretty much sit down on the potty without provocation, but with his pants or diaper still on. We met instant protest once we tried to have him sit without his diaper on. So we let it be for a few weeks. We placed books next to the toilet to encourage sitting, which was great! During this time though, he began to tell us when he had a dirty diaper! He had some great tell-tale signs; he would go off in another room and close the door, disappear for a few minutes, and then re-emerge and announce, “Poop!” He would then run back into his room and assume the diaper changing position, yelling, Pee-Yew! Stinky!” Which is ridiculously funny, but also very exciting and an amazing sign! He knew when he had to go and I know that eventually, that will be an amazing tactic for getting him to the potty on time and getting him comfortable with telling others when he has to go!

    Eventually, we could get him to sit for a moment or two without the diaper on, he would even try to take his own diaper off and sit down. Once his little baby cheeks met the cold, plastic seat, he shot right back up! Again, we didn’t push the issue. We wanted him to come to it on his own terms, cause let’s face it; he’s a boy and he’s my son. He is stubborn and strong-willed. He also has no desire to please anyone except on his own terms. 

Potty Training Adventures With The Mom Blog WI | Toddlers & Potty Training | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement #PottyTraining
Potty Training Adventures with The Mom Blog WI | Introducing Potty Training

    So today, after just over a month of purchasing our Summer Infant Potty Chair, the second most amazing thing happened! (You’ll see why I say the second most amazing thing in a minute.) As we pulled into the driveway on our way home from daycare pickup, my son yells from the backseat, “Poop!” I turned around incredulously, because the car didn’t smell, “Did you poop?” 

“No!” He shouted.
“Okay, do you have to go poop?” 
I was met with silence. 
“Do you have to go potty?” 
“Yes,” He shouted!

    Naturally, I threw off my seat belt, rushed out of the car, left my purse, my lunch box, his coat, his toys and cup in the car, unlocked, and we bolted up the stairs straight to the bathroom. I stripped off his sweater, hat, and scarf and I stopped and asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty. “Potty.” So I helped him pull his diaper down and he sat on the toilet! Bare naked butt on the toilet seat!! 

    I was so excited! (I’m a Mom. I get excited about these sorts of things, now!) I went and grabbed a book from the bookshelf; we received a, “Let’s Go Potty, Elmo!” book for a birthday from a friend and I thought it was the perfect thing! It has pictures and little pull and lift-tabs. My son grabbed it up and started looking at it, turning the pages while I showed him the tabs. We sat there for 5 whole minutes! It was incredible!!!

    After he was done, we got up and pulled his diaper back up and pulled his pants back on and I cheered! I gave him a high fair, which he loves! We did a fist bump, which is too cute when he does it, and then we did a little celebration dance. He looked so happy and proud, it was amazing to see! 

Let’s Go Potty, Elmo

    And then five minutes later while I wasn’t looking he went and pooped in a corner somewhere, but, that’s not the important part. The important part is! The important part is that we are having great success introducing potty training and we couldn’t be happier with our new potty chair. 

    What are your early potty training/introduction tips? What worked well for you and yours? What didn’t work well? Share your stories down in the comments!

    I hope you all enjoy this new series as we find our way through potty training for the first time with our 2 1/2-year-old baby boy! I thought long and hard about sharing these types of stories. I always said I would share my journey through being a parent and I think this is a huge part of it! I hope maybe some new Mommas like myself can find some use along my journey! 

Guest Blogging With The Mom Blog WI | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement #GuestBlogging #MomBloggersWanted

With The Potty Training Adventures Series comes a great opportunity to Guest Blog at The Mom Blog WI! I’d love to feature some of my favorite Mom & Dad Bloggers and have them write a post about what it’s like being a mom or dad and what no one ever told them about becoming a Parent! If you’d be interested in doing a Guest Post in one of our series, please feel free to send an email to [email protected] or if you’re a follower, send a Direct Message to @TheMomBlogWI on Twitter. 

As always, thank you for reading and sharing! Keep on loving those little ones like only you know how! I hope your potty training days are going smoothly and with as few accidents as possible! 

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