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Mindful Parenting | 10 Things to Try Instead of Telling Your Toddler, “No!”

Mindful Parenting | 10 Things to Try Instead of Telling Your Toddler, “No!”
Mindful Parenting | 10 Things to Try Instead of Telling Your Toddler, "No!" | What to do instead of yelling | The Mom Blog WI | #Discipline #Parenting #Love #HealthyParenting #HappyParenting
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    Mindful parenting is a lot easier said than done. 

I struggle with being mindful before talking to, (or in this case yelling at) my toddler. If you’re like me, (and every other parent ever,) you’re struggling with your toddler acting out, being defiant, rebellious, and most of all, they’re not listening to you.

    Lately I’ve been very aware of how I interact with my son; the things I say and how those things can affect him. I worry about how long he will remember me losing my temper; 5 seconds? 10 minutes? A day or a week? I don’t want my interactions with my son to always be negative. So I’ve been trying to practice being a mindful and patient Momma, but it’s still a struggle.

    I recently created a Mindful Parenting Board on Pinterest, (You can find The Mom Blog WI here!) I’ve been pinning all sorts of mindful, patient parenting tips and tricks to help remind me to be a more patient Momma. I was so inspired by my new board that I wanted to share these things that I try to say instead of yelling at my 2 1/2 year old toddler! 

Mindful Parenting | 10 Things to Try Instead of Telling Your Toddler, "No!" | What to do instead of yelling | The Mom Blog WI | #Discipline #Parenting #Love #HealthyParenting #HappyParenting

Ask your child to,“Please put that back,” 
instead of yelling, “No! Don’t touch!”

We all know our knee-jerk reaction when little fingers grab something they shouldn’t is to yell at them to put it back before something breaks. Instead of yelling, try asking your toddler one to kindly put it back where they found out. Though, a word of caution; you may want to also ask them to put it back HOW they found it, as well. Take it from me and my now crumbled and destroyed important document! 

Let them know, “That’s not a toy,” 
instead of yelling, “No! Yucky!” 

Every toddler loves grabbing things that are disgusting and most certainly NOT toys; garbage, dog poop, that piece of gum off the sidewalk, the toilet bowl cleaner! These things aren’t toys, and I’m always so quick to yell instead of remembering that my toddler doesn’t know that these things are gross, dirty and not something to play with. 

Ask your toddler to, “Hold on. Wait,” 
instead of telling them flat-out, “No!” 

Nothing drives me up the wall faster than my son insisting on having something his way, RIGHT NOW! I’m all too quick to lose my temper and just tell him no because I’ve lost my cool. Nothing kills his spirit faster, especially when he’s excited about something fun or wants to show me something. I hate to be the reason his spirits are dampened, so lately I’ve been working on asking him to be patient with me and wait. 

Mindful Parenting | 11 Things to Try Instead of Yelling at Your Toddler, "No!" | What to do instead of yelling | The Mom Blog WI | #Discipline #Parenting #Love #HealthyParenting #HappyParenting

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Tell your little one, “That’s hot! Ouch,” 

instead of, “No, don’t touch!”

Little fingers love to play on the stove or try to grab hot dishes fresh out of the microwave! It’s a proven fact. I’m always yelling at my son to stop trying to get something because, like above, he wants it NOW! Especially with dinner food when he’s hungry. Instead of yelling, I try to let him know that it’s hot or that he will get hurt if he doesn’t listen. Sometimes, I’ll even hold his hand over it so that he can feel that it’s hot, just to help make him more aware.

Warn your child, “Be careful, that’s dangerous,”
instead of, “Stop! Leave it alone!” 

Things like fire alarms or fire extinguishers are so bright and colorful red, they’re like a beacon calling little toddler fingers to grab them! It’s infuriating! At the end of a long day, I’m all too quick to just shout at my son to stop touching things he isn’t supposed to! I’ve been trying to be more patient and it usually works better when I ask him to be be careful. We all know we get a lot further with our little toddlers by being calm and collected than by yelling, but it’s just so hard!

Guide your toddler, “That’s not Our’s,” 
instead of, “No, you can’t have that!”

Toddlers want what they want and they want it NOW! It doesn’t matter who it belongs to. But I’ve noticed that shutting my son down and telling him he flat-out can’t have something only makes him want it more. Classic Toddler. Lumping us together and letting him know that something doesn’t belong to us, or that an item belongs to someone else seems to resonate more with him. It’s as if knowing that I can’t have it either makes sense to him. He’s satisfied knowing that it’s not just him who can’t have it. 

Ask your child to, “Please close the door,” 
instead of, “That’s not your room!” 

My son has figured out how to turn door knobs and he LOVES to open doors! It’s his new hobby. He opens his door, my bedroom door, the bathroom door at relatives houses! Lately I’ve found myself on the other side of a closed bathroom door just as my toddler turns the handle. Instead of screaming and yelling, which just causes him to run off scared, I kindly ask him to close the door, especially if it’s to our bedroom door, which we try to keep as Mommy & Daddy’s space. Asking him to do something else instead of what he’s currently doing works far better than just informing him that he doesn’t belong in this room. 

Involve your Toddler by asking, 
“Can you help Mommy?” instead of 
telling them, “Put that back!” 

We all know toddlers love helping! It’s usually not really helping, but redirecting your toddler by asking them for their help can really make a HUGE difference. How often does is your toddler getting into something they shouldn’t while you’re trying to do the dishes or change the laundry? Ask them to help you. It’ll make them feel good about their little selves and it’ll occupy their attention while you make progress. It’ll also breed good habits for later in life to help with household chores.

Gently encourage your little one;
“That’s very important to Mommy,” 

instead of, “Don’t throw that!” 

My son is hard into the throwing phase. And lately he really loves to grab stuff that’s either super fragile or important and try to whip it at the floor. We all know that yelling at them to not throw doesn’t even phase them when they’re committed to seeing that through to the finish. Lately I’ve been asking my toddler to take pause and realize the item he is throwing is important and cherished or that it will break and no longer work if he throws it. It gives me a moment to have him process what I’m saying and gives me time to intervene before he throws. 

Mindful Parenting | Where There's A Temper Tantrum | The Mom Blog WI #Discipline #Parenting #Love #HealthyParenting #HappyParenting

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Ask your toddler to, “Please be gentle,” 
instead of, “No! Stop that!” 

My son loves to rough house right now. He loves to run at me and push at my chest to try and get me to lay down so he can climb all over me like a jungle gym! It’s fun for a bit, but once he starts throwing elbows and knees in my face, I get over it pretty quick. Rather than losing my temper, I try to ask him to calm down, be gentle or you’ll hurt Mommy. It makes him take pause for a moment, especially when I really up-play the theatrics like I’m actually hurt. Teaching little ones to be gentle is important, especially when they don’t quite understand the power they have, yet. 

Mindful Parenting | 10 Things to Try Instead of Telling Your Toddler, "No!" | What to do instead of yelling | The Mom Blog WI | #Discipline #Parenting #Love #HealthyParenting #HappyParenting

Being mindful and patient as a parent is hard, and we all make mistakes. We are only human… Super mega humans raising tiny little miracles. 

As always, keep on loving those little ones like only you know how, and this week, try one of these 10 things instead of yelling your little one, “No.” 

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