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15+ Ways To Let Your Toddler Be More Independent

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How to Encourage Your Toddler to be More Independent
15+ Ways to Let Your Toddler Be More Independent | The Mom Blog WI | Parenting | Try these 10+ tips to encourage your toddler to be more independent! #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement
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15+ Ways To Let Your Toddler
Be More Independent

We all know how important it is to encourage independence in our Toddlers. We so desperately want them to be little independent beings, who can do for themselves, who can sit in their rooms and play by themselves quietly and give us some peace and quiet without hanging on us all day long. We want them to be happy and healthy and to grow up to be successful adults. We want them to be able to dress themselves, brush their own hair and get their own breakfast! But we also desperately want to hold on to our little babies if we can.

There’s a difficult space of time between our babies being completely reliant upon us to when they become completely self-sufficient. There’s a finite time of limbo where our babies become toddlers and want to do everything for themselves. They want to pour their milk and put on their shoes and carry their dish to the table, but they aren’t nearly coordinated enough to do any of these tasks efficiently or without error.

Try these 10+ tips to encourage your toddler to be more independent! #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement

As a high-strung, control freak mom, I struggle with letting my son do things for himself. I know I can do it faster, better, without mistake and without making a mess. But I also must keep myself in check and remind myself that he needs to learn to do these things, as well. My son needs me to give him that time to figure out how to pull his socks over his toes without catching that pinkie toe and giving up. My toddler needs me to be patient with him while he learns how to be more independent. And he also needs me to be understanding and kind when he has an accident and makes a mess. While we don’t need to go kicking our little ones out of the nest head first and hope they will land on their feet, there are plenty of ways we can help them practice independence and help them on their way to being self-sufficient. These are also great ways to help them develop great habits and a wonderful sense of pride! Here are 15 Ways to Let Your Toddler Be More Independent!

Try these 10+ tips to encourage your toddler to be more independent! #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement

Let Them Get Their Own Spoon…
Even though they will grab the wrong one.

Ask Them to Turn on the Lights…
Even if you have to stand in the dark while they figure it out.

Let Them Help Set The Table…
Even though it won’t be Pinterest perfect.

Help Them Put Away Their Laundry...
Even though they’re not really helping.

Let Them Help Put Away the Dishes…
Even though they have dirty hands and fingers.

Encourage Them To Help Change The Laundry…
Even though they only get half the shirt into the dryer. 

Make Time For Them To Put on Their Socks or Shoes…
Even though it takes longer and they won’t get it right. 

Let Them Walk Up & Down the Stairs on Their Own…
Even though they might fall or give up halfway.

Let Them Carry Their Plate or Cup… 
Even though they might make a mess.

Let Them Help Make Dinner…
Even if it’ll make a mess.

Show Them How To Clean Up Their Messes… 

Even though you’ll have to clean up after them. 

Encourage Them To Clean Up Bath Toys…
Even though you’re tired and want to go to bed. 

Let Them Brush Their Teeth & Hair… 
Even though they will look silly and won’t do it as well as you will.

Let Them Help Carry Groceries… 
Even though they might drop something. 

Ask Them What They’d Like To Drink or Eat…
Even though it’ll take twice as long for them to decide. 

Allow Them Time To Practice Putting On Their Shirt…
Even though you can do it faster. 

Let Them Help Get The Mail… 
Even though they might crumple the paper or get it wet. 

How do you let your toddler be more independent? What chores or household activities do you let your little participate in? 
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Keep on loving those little ones like only you know how and this week, embrace their desire for independence and reward their efforts! 

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