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Are your social media accounts not driving traffic to your site, blog or shop?

Are you debating paying hundreds of dollars a month to promote social media posts across multiple platforms just to be able to drive a few people to your site? Are you paying $.50-$1 per CPM (Cost Per Impression) for posts with high proportions of text for very little return?

Do you have trouble finding time to manage all of your social media accounts, consistently, every single day? Or worse, do you not have a presence for your business created across all social media platforms? If you aren’t using these sites, you are missing out on major traffic opportunities, and if you’re missing out on traffic, you’re missing out on possible sales and customer leads!

See how Pinterest is the most popular source of traffic for this site?
Strategic Social Media Management
Are your social media accounts not driving traffic to your site, blog or shop? Or do you need someone to create graphics, diversify your posts and unify your brand across all of your social media platforms?

Have you thought about hiring a Social Media & Content Manager?

Chances are that’s why you’re here. Most small businesses, blogs, Etsy shop owners, YouTubers and more don’t realize how important it is to post every single day, 1-3x a day, across multiple social media platforms.

If you don’t post consistently, your content will age and become outdated. Your content from last week, 3 days ago and even yesterday will no longer be driving traffic to your site. Creating new, diverse content across multiple social media platforms is a surefire way to get your content in front of a wider audience and continuously drive traffic to your site.

If you’re only posting once or twice a week on Facebook and maybe 1 once a month of Twitter, you’re not using your social media pages wisely and taking advantage of the unlimited possibilities these social media platforms have to offer you.

You’re asking, “Well, how do I find the time to coordinate all of these social media sites? How can I possibly post every single day?”

That’s where I come in. There are multiple social media avenues to pursue and take advantage of, each with a different audience that you could be reaching. If you’re only posting on Facebook, you’re limiting your reach to only the people who use Facebook. There’s an entirely different audience that you could be reaching on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more.

If you’re not posting to multiple social media platforms a day, chances are your content won’t be seen by your audience, which means you won’t be driving traffic to your site.

I can help you identify your audience and the right time to post on each social media platform, manage and create your content, create a consistent presence on social media and many other social media marketing strategies.

Social Media Management

with Tresa Strohkirch

Let me do the work and boost your online presence and reputation while creating an organic, engaged, and enthusiastic audience while reinforcing positive brand awareness across all of your social media platforms that will work for you, instead of you working and paying for pointless Facebook advertisements!

Strategic Social Media Management that works, without paying for Ads!

Explore Social Media Management Options & Stats

Facebook Management

I can help you identify your audience and the right times to publish your content to get it in front of the right people, driving only the best traffic to your site!

How often do you get up and post at 9 or 10 o’clock at night? Or at 6 o’clock in the morning? Posting consistently throughout the day, at the right times each day for your audience can increase your reach and engagement across all platforms!

When posting consistently, Social Media Management can increase your Page Views drastically over even the course of just one week!

How much would it help your business to reach an extra 395+ people a week? On just one platform?

When posting consistently, you can double the traffic to your site!

I can make your Organic Audience work for you!

Do you know what happens when you take a site that posts every once and a while, or even just once a day, and you start posting consistently, every single day, multiple times a day, at peak engagement times?

Your Organic Reach on Facebook increases drastically!

Notice how there isn’t any paid reach. This account isn’t spending extra money on Facebook advertisements and they are reaching their audience when posting consistently.
This is what happens when posts are created and published more inconsistently on Facebook.

What is Organic Reach or an Organic Audience?

Your organic reach is the number of people that see your posts, without paying for advertisements. Chances are you already have a following created on at least one social media platform.

And yes, paying for ads can help you reach a new audience and grow your page, but your organic audience can do that for you!

Here is the reach of a post from another site I help manage with a much larger following. As you can see, when this account does post, this social media account can actually reach a vast audience, sometimes up to almost 1.5k people!

Imagine what this chart would look like if this account posted every day, 2-3 times a day, consistently. Once you create that momentum and keep it going, these numbers will continue to climb.

Your audience will recognize your brand if it shows up in their feed more often, they will engage with you and your business and the more you engage, the more your content will show up in their feed!

Posting consistently is key.

I will take your social media accounts and create a unified plan across all platforms, using each individual platform to drive traffic to one place; your site, blog, Etsy shop, YouTube channel, you name it.

Knowing which posts perform the best is a huge part of social media management…

Videos and photos tend to perform very well for this Facebook Page, while posts with just links not so well. Knowing your audience plays a huge role in your success when using social media.

Facebook Insights & Results

Here are just a few results and insights from recent posts on Facebook.

Twitter Management

By posting consistently on all Social Media platforms, you can create an engaged audience & increase your reach tremendously.
What could you accomplish with 700+ people visiting your Social Media page in one month?
Businesses that Tweet once a day can’t possibly get their content in front of their audience!
But when you Tweet multiple times a day, at the right times for your audience, your Organic Reach can do the work for you, without funding an outrageous advertising budget!

Creating Content Across All Platforms

I can help you find your most popular posts and recycle them across all your Social Media Platforms! Even posts from months and months ago!

Twitter is great for creating awesome content, sharing it and engaging with your audience, but the life of a Tweet is a day, at best! So once the content you’ve created is scrolled past, it’s never seen again, forever lost in the Twittersphere.

Which shouldn’t be the case!

I can help you take the great content that you’ve created on Twitter, your best, most well-received ideas and turn them into content that will work for you across ALL of your social media platforms, not just one!

Major social media influencers share their Tweets on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

No photo description available.
Now this Tweet that was once long-forgotten can now be shared on Facebook, Instagram, even Pinterest. I can even share this again on Twitter and reach an entirely new audience with it as my social media account grows.

This can be done with all of your content! Your content from Facebook can cross-over into the Twittersphere, your Pinterest graphics should be seen all over Facebook. Your sales pitches, your new products, your most popular quotes and sayings. They can and should be shared across all of your social media platforms!

It’s a great way to recycle content, keep traffic flowing constantly to your site and you’ll never run out of ideas for content.

Pinterest Management

Are you taking advantage of Pinterest? You can promote your new products, most popular products or blog posts on Pinterest, which is the highest driving force of traffic to websites! 50% of my pages views come from Pinterest alone!

That’s over 100 link clicks in one month, which means driving more traffic to your site!

Graphic Creation

Instagram Management

Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing based social media platform. It’s a great place to showcase your products, give your customers and audience some behind the scenes action, and also a great driving force to your website. And the best part? It’s usually a completely untapped resource and there’s an entirely new audience to reach using Instagram. It’s also incredibly easy to use and grow when using and posting consistently!

If you’re not showcasing your content on Instagram, you’re missing out!

Successful Social Media Management is all-encompassing, with all your sources leading to one spot; your website.

In order to be successful and make your social media sites work for you instead of against you, each one of your social media platforms need to drive traffic to one source. They need to build off of one another, each coordinating and revolving around the same content.

It’s a full-time job, all on it’s own! It’s impossible to run your business and make your customers happy and manage your employees and update the website and post 7 times a day to multiple social media platforms at just right time of day in order to get your content in front of the right audience and increase your site traffic!

That’s why you need a Social Media Content Manager.

Website Traffic

Here’s what your traffic looks like when your Social Media is inconsistent and all of your platforms don’t lead to the same source; your website.

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