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Letters to Our Little Ones | Guest Post by yorkshiremumof4

| Letters to Our Little Ones
Letters to Our Little Ones | Guest Post by yorkshiremumof4 | Slow Down Baby | The Mom Blog WI | Guest Blog Post, a heartfelt letter to our little ones who aren't so little anymore. #GuestBlogging #MomBlogger #MomLife #Babies #Toddlers #Parenting #Letters
A Guest Post by Gemma, yorkshiremumof4
Slow Down Little One… Mommy Can’t Keep Up 

Letters to Our Little Ones | Guest Post by yorkshiremumof4 | Slow Down Baby | The Mom Blog WI | Guest Blog Post, a heartfelt letter to our little ones who aren't so little anymore. #GuestBlogging #MomBlogger #MomLife #Babies #Toddlers #Parenting #Letters

Gemma, Mum of 4. Parenting Blogger with a passion for education and travel writes a letter to Summer, her first born daughter and her Mini-Me as she turns 9, February 3rd. 

You can find Gemma over at her Blog: yorkshiremumof4, and also on Twitter & Pinterest.

Letters to Our Little Ones | Guest Post by yorkshiremumof4 | Slow Down Baby | The Mom Blog WI | Guest Blog Post, a heartfelt letter to our little ones who aren't so little anymore. #GuestBlogging #MomBlogger #MomLife #Babies #Toddlers #Parenting #Letters


    ‘A girl’, said the Sonographer. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I was getting a baby girl. We already had your brother but a girl was delightful to hear. I couldn’t wait till you were born and I bought you lovely dresses and outfits that were so pretty. When you arrived, all 7lbs 10oz of you, being so long and thin, I remember you in a little yellow play-suit and your legs were so long just like mummies and you were super thin legged, unlike mummy.

    I have watched you grow from a shy toddler, who wouldn’t leave my side at play groups, who was nervous and would approach people with caution, who wasn’t too over friendly with people in the way your brother had been willing to talk to anyone. You kept your circle close knit preferring to be with a select few members of the family. You hated bedtime and would cry for hours, I remember one night you would not settle and nothing was working but your vibrating lullaby chair so you slept in that in the living room with me on the couch, I felt so guilty you weren’t in bed but you seemed happy and content and I was glad of the peace. We got through the baby stage and the toddler stage and then your sister arrived.

    The first few days of your sister being around you didn’t seem to like her much, you would try and sneakily hit her when you thought we weren’t looking and you certainly didn’t want anyone to make a fuss of her while you were there. You struggled a bit with separation issues always wanting to be with your mum so when you were 2 you joined a day care 3 hours a day twice a week to help you deal with it and get ready for nursery. You were still a cautious child but you seemed to enjoy playing and interacting with the other kids.

    You have been at primary school since you were 3 and now your turning 9 and I have never been called in. I turn up to your parents evenings and each and every teacher states ‘You’re a dream to teach’, your school report shows you are at the top level for every subject giving your best at all times, it reflects my own previous record twenty years before. I see so much of myself in you – The willingness to cut corners to get the job done, the easy way to do things and not wanting to put all my efforts into something, the smartness, the cheekiness and the willingness to learn and conformist attitude you have in life.

    I remember times when you went to that holiday camp and you had to do a Hairspray show and your friend was taken ill that day and you had to do yours and her parts and you stepped up and did them well. I remember your first sleepover away from home at the Deep, you were so nervous but you thoroughly enjoyed sleeping where you could see the turtle all night. I remember when you did a gymnastics show at the local theater and I came to be a chaperone and we all sat backstage munching chocolates, biscuits and ham wraps. I remember your fabulous Mickey and Minnie mouse birthday party when you were 5 with your sweet cart, life size dressed up characters and your disco, it was a brilliant party. You always like to have a cool expensive party every year like the little demanding princess you are. I loved the speech you gave at our wedding about Love, it was so cute and we were impressed at you getting up on the lectern in front of so many people 

    Sometimes I may seem like I am pushing you to try a hobby or learn more or take a new class or advance in your class and that’s not because I am a pushy mum, (or it may be a little) it is because I know you can do it, you’re capable and I want you to have an interest, something that gets the fire in your belly and you get excited by. I never really did classes when I was a child and I never really stuck to anything then and I am 30 now nearly and I am only just starting hobbies. I also feel that as you enjoy singing lessons and gymnastics but you need a little boost of confidence. All your hobby teaches say you are capable but you need to believe that girl because you are amazing and I am already so proud of you.

    I can’t believe how fast these 9 years have flown and how old I am getting because every time you age I do but I cannot wait to see how you progress into the teenage years, how you develop. I hope you continue to do well at school, I hope you follow your passions and I want you to know that I will always love you whatever, I am always here to chat and give you a hug when you’re feeling down. I gave you life, Summer and you are my life, you 4 children are the most beautiful, caring and smartest children and  I couldn’t be prouder of all that you have accomplished so far.

Love you always Summer, 
                Mum xx


I hope you all enjoyed this lovely Guest Post by Gemma 
over at yorkshiremumof4! It’s been great to work with her 
on this lovely, heartfelt letter to her daughter. 

Letters to Our Little Ones | Guest Post by yorkshiremumof4 | Slow Down Baby | The Mom Blog WI | Guest Blog Post, a heartfelt letter to our little ones who aren't so little anymore. #GuestBlogging #MomBlogger #MomLife #Babies #Toddlers #Parenting #Letters
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Guest Blogging with The Mom Blog WI | #GuestBlogger #MomBlogger #MomLife #Writing #Parenting

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  • Jena

    Wow, this almost made me cry. I started to think about my 6 year old and how she's growing into her pants that I bought for her way too many sizes to big years ago. And I also started to think about how my little baby who is going to be turning 1 in 2 more months. The memories are all we have! Love this series. And I would love to guest post!

  • Unknown

    What a sweet letter from mom to daughter! It's true what they say about long days and short years. It's too bad we can't switch it up and make the days a little shorter and the years a little longer!

  • Tresa Strohkirch

    Awe, yes! The years go by so fast! It seems like only yesterday my little guy fit in the crook of my arm. Now he's not so little anymore and running the house like it's his! They grow up so fast. Thank you so much for reading and following along!

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