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Someday, My Son Will Move Mountains…

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Someday, My Son Will Move Mountains
He will take on more than he can handle…

    And someday it’ll get him into trouble. He will take on more than he can handle. He will get himself into situations that he doesn’t know how to deal with. But it’ll also take him to amazing places in life, both in equal parts.

    He is so stubborn and head strong. Someday it’ll help him move mountains because he won’t accept defeat or take no for an answer! He will be so set in his ways that success will be the only option and he will move everything and everyone who stands in his way. But it will also make him difficult to work with, and he won’t make very many friends along the way.

    It’ll make it hard for him to see someone else’s point of view, but he is also incredibly intelligent, and he will always have new and exciting ideas. But he will always think that his ideas are best, and that his way is the only way to reach the goal. Even though someone else’s way will get there just fine, he will always insist that his way is faster and better. 

    It’ll serve him well; people will respect him and his opinions. He will have a few great friends, rather than many mediocre ones. They will look up to him and seek his advice and wisdom. They will bring him their problems and ask for his help. Even though he is the leader of the group, I hope he is never too proud to ask for help.

    Though I hope he never becomes arrogant and thinks he is better than those below him. I also hope he remembers to think highly of himself, because he is an amazing person. I hope he remembers to look back and help those that will come after him. I hope he remembers to be humble, and not lose himself to the power career I hope he will have someday.

“As I got ready to put my two year old son to bed,
I started to cry.” 

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    My son is incredibly impatient, just like his Momma, and his Nana. He waits for nothing, and when something doesn’t happen fast enough, he loses his mind. It will make him a great multi-tasker, because he will want to get everything done, all at once, and as fast as he can! He will accomplish great things that no one else could possibly imagine accomplishing in such a short amount of time.

    I am always so busy, doing so many things all at once. I am blogging and being a mom and playing with my son and making dinner and working full-time. I am doing the laundry and washing the dishes while the water boils and also checking in on my Twitter. I am picking up the house and checking in on work emails and doing a million different things! I am always running at 200%, and if I sit around the house for an entire day, I feel terrible. 

    I can see that my son is already on the same path. He is always looking for the next thing to do and trying to do too many things at once; he carries his blanket and his cup and a book and three toys and tries to pick up one more thing before he falls over. He runs around the house constantly looking for something to get into and once he’s caught getting into that thing he moves on to making more trouble somewhere else. It’ll be the death of me! But someday, it’ll be amazing to watch him do so many different things all at once. Someday, he will be the ultimate multi-tasker.

    But it’ll also get him into trouble; he will take on more than he can handle and bite off more than he could possibly chew. He will never know how to say no to anyone when they ask for help. He won’t know when to say that enough is enough, and he will forget to slow down and smell the flowers every once and awhile. He’ll get burnt out because he’s done too much, but it’ll make him so much wiser. He will learn his limits, and learn them again as he pushes the boundaries, like he does so much right now. 

    He will accomplish so much because he will constantly be
striving for more, wanting to learn and do more than he ever thought possible. Though, I hope he will learn to be happy with what he has. I hope he will learn to be content, at peace and at ease. I hope he remembers to cherish those things instead of constantly striving for the best. Only to be striving for the next best thing that will never come, instead of being happy with what he already has. I hope he will learn that the next best thing isn’t always more important than what’s right in front of you. I hope he will remember to always stop and smell the flowers. 

    I hope he won’t get caught up in thinking that he doesn’t have the best house or the best car. I hope he will remember how incredibly blessed he is to have a roof over his head, because some people don’t even have a place to call home. I hope he will realize how lucky he is to have a car to get to work, because some people can’t afford that luxury. And I hope he will be incredibly thankful for the food he has on his plate, because some people go days without meals. And I hope he will always remain humble.

    It’ll be so amazing to watch him grow and learn how to harness that energy and turn it into something powerful and productive. But he will also want to grow up too fast. He will be ready to be an adult, to have his own things and be independent. He will forget to live in the moment and enjoy being a kid while he still can, much like I did. He will want a job before he’s even 12, and he will make one for himself. He will want to make his way in the world and leave his mark for all to see!

    He will move mountains someday, for he is already moving ant hills at 2 years old. He is already insisting that things are his way and screaming while trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Right now, he’s just screaming because he can’t get his way, but when I watch him, he is trying every which way to make it work. He is looking at all possible angles, trying to figure out what he can do to bend objects to his will. And even though there’s no possible way for it to work, someday he will learn.

    Someday when he’s older, he will learn to harness that will power and turn it into something productive. He will learn how to persuade others and maneuver around major obstacles until he is successful. It’ll get him into so much trouble; he will go over his boss’ head and straight to the one that matters, the one who will actually listen to him. He will go around the bully at school and tell the teacher that he’s picking on the little girl in the corner. He will catch more flak for it, but he will earn the respect of some many other’s along the way.

    He will be a negotiator and a sweet talker, but I hope he never becomes a manipulator. He will get himself into trouble and be able to talk himself right back out of it. He will fall into shit and come out smelling like roses! He already has everyone wrapped around his little finger. The second he is caught doing something he shouldn’t, he runs over and cuddles up next to you. He loves to push the boundaries and it makes me incredibly mad, but right when I’m at the end of my rope, he reaches for me and asks to be picked up and he wraps his arms around my neck and buries his head in my shoulder. He presses his cheek against mine and gives me a kiss.

    He will be loving, and he will be so giving with that love. He will give that love so freely, especially to those who need it the most. But I hope he never uses love as a means to an end. He will be kind, even to those who don’t deserve it. It’ll make him an amazing and incredibly cherished soul. But he will also get taken advantage of. People will mistake his kindness and loving nature for weakness. They will take advantage of how understanding and willing he is to give that love over and over again, and they will abuse his kindness. 

    And while I hope that he loves with all his heart, I hope he doesn’t give his love to the wrong people. I hope that he doesn’t become jaded by the evil in the world. I hope he doesn’t let those who take advantage of him shape who he is, or make him any less giving of that love. I hope he loves all those he meets and shows kindness to those who need it most.

    Even now I can see that my son is the best and worst parts of me. My son is like me in so many ways. He is the spitting image of me and I see so much of myself in him already. Someday it’ll get him into more trouble than he can handle, but it’ll also take him on an amazing journey. And even though it’ll give me a heart attack, and he will give me a run for my money more often than not, it’ll be one hell of a journey to witness, and I can’t wait to be apart of it.

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