Parent Edition: 17 Tips for Gaining Followers on Twitter

    If you’re a parent on Twitter and trying your hand at Tweeting about the glamorous life with little ones, I’ve made this post just for you. It’s a little lengthy, but I promise you, there’s a plethora of information crammed in here that I wish someone would’ve laid out in a nice, neat list when I first started! I started my Twitter account for The Mom Blog WI on February 1st, 2018, (I didn’t plan that, either) and I just recently passed 300 followers! It’s only been four and a half months, but I feel like if I had been doing all of these things from the get go, my growth would’ve been much faster! After I reached 150 followers, I started getting quite a few new followers daily, as many as 15 on a regular basis, and I’ve noticed recently that a lot of the new followers I’ve been getting are moms and/or dads that are just starting out on Twitter, (welcome and congratulations!) or who have recently started blogging about being a parent. And most of these people have around twenty to fifty to one hundred or even 150 followers. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to gain this kind of following.

    Don’t call me crazy just yet. It’s exciting when someone who has two thousand or even ten thousand followers decides to take a moment and follow you back, but when someone, (or in this case a lot of somebodies) who is just starting out has decided to follow you, it means a lot! At least to me. It reminds me of when I was just starting out with 50 or so followers, or even less. I remember wishing I knew what I was doing, trying to remember what I had done in the past that had worked, trying to learn from others as I went and making it up as I went
along. And then I started thinking about how far I have come. 

    Three hundred followers may not seem like much, but it’s a whole new world to me. Mostly, it affirms that what I am doing truly matters, and others are enjoying reading my content, hopefully as much as I am enjoying creating it! I couldn’t even name 300 people out loud that I know, let alone people I’ve actually met face to face. That’s 300 people I never would’ve reached without Twitter. Three hundred people and more every single day that I never would’ve connected with. Now, granted there’s only a handful or two of those that are actually active or that I connect with on a daily basis, but it’s still so exciting! And it becomes even more exciting every single time. Every time I log on and see a new follower, and regularly five to fifteen or more new followers a day now, it’s an amazing feeling! 

    So when I was trying to decide what to write for my next blog post, I thought about writing about where I started, which I will still do at some point, but I decided I wanted to share some tips on how I got this far, and how I intend to keep going strong to my next goal of over 500 followers! Read on to find my Tried & True Twitters Tips for Moms and Dads! 

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  • You don’t have to follow everyone back…
    I’m always seeing a lot of people telling everyone to go out and follow as many people as possible, in hopes that they will follow you back. You know what you get when you do that? A lot of varied, irrelevant and unrelated content on your Twitter feed. Then there’s people getting upset because someone didn’t follow them back or someone unfollowed them. I’m here to tell you… Don’t. Don’t follow every single person that follows you back. Don’t be afraid to unfollow someone. If they want to unfollow you because you didn’t follow them, then they weren’t going to stick around anyways. You want people to follow you who are sticking around for your content, not just for the +1 on their follower count. 

  • Find your niche and stick with it…
    I follow people who fit into my niche. My niche is parenting and toddlers and being a mom/dad and writing about being a parent. Mostly complaining, but parenting none the less. I don’t follow every single person who follows me, and I unfollow people if I find that a lot of their tweets are not similar to what I’m tweeting about. I only really follow people who fit into my niche because a huge part of what I’m doing is retweeting other parents whose content is similar to my own. I’m here for the content, and I love sharing their content with my own followers because it’s what they’re already here for. If I start tweeting about puppies all the time, people are going to start unfollowing me and getting confused. People follow me for parenting humor, so I try to stick with that. 

  • Always comment…
    If you feel even the slightest bit compelled to comment on someone’s tweet, or to quote their tweet and add your own little spin on it, do it! You have no idea what that will mean to someone, especially to someone who is just getting started. Also, if you’re just getting started, trying to make your way in the Twitter-verse, a comment or conversation with someone on their tweet, especially someone with a large following could mean huge exposure for your account if you’re commenting good quality stuff. I’ve easily received 20+ notifications from starting a comment thread with someone, even a day or two later. 

  • Mention, mention, mention…
    Mention your favorite people. Mention as many people as you can fit into one tweet. Make a group of people who all do the same thing, such as parenting, or whatever your niche is; moms, dads, parents, your favorites, 100% real parents, funny parents, etc. You will be surprised how far doing a #FollowFriday will take you. Everyone who you’ve mentioned might thank you, especially if you mention people with a smaller following who really need that exposure, even people who have the same following as you. These people are your friends! You need them and they need you! Share unto others as you would have them share unto you! They may even pay it forward and mention you in their own #FF and they might retweet your post to share those people you’ve mentioned with their own followers if they’re in the same niche as you, which leads us to #5…

  • Retweet other people’s tweets…
    Not only is it a nice thing to do, especially if they’re doing the same thing you’re doing, such as parenting. But no one wants to look at your Twitter feed and see only your own tweets. It’s an instant turn off for me. I don’t want to see only your stuff. Ninety-five percent of the time, I won’t follow someone if they only tweet their own tweets. If someone tweets their own stuff and mix retweets of similar content in there, and it’s content similar to my own, I’ll follow them in a heartbeat. But maybe that’s just me. 

  • Tweet every single day…
    If you want to see consistent traffic and audience reach, three times a day! Maybe every four or five hours or so. Whatever you do, be consistent. I usually retweet and share other people’s tweets before I make another tweet of my own, and I’ll probably share about five to ten of them. I’ll usually post my tweet last so it’s the most recent tweet people see on my feed, or somewhere in the middle of my most recent retweets so that as people are looking through their feed they will see it mixed in there. Whatever you do, keep it up. It’s like taking your vitamins everyday. You can’t just take a vitamin once a week and expect it to do anything. It needs to build up in your system to actually work, so you need to take it every day. If you post every day, a couple of times a day, your reach and engagement will build momentum and continue to grow. If you miss a day, it’s hard to get back into the habit and eventually you’ll have lost all the progress you’ve made, and you have to start back at square one. 

  • Read other people’s blog posts (even if you’re not blogging)…
    And comment on their blogs! If you want people to read your blog and comment on it, you need to do it, too. Plus, when you comment on people’s blogs, its a great way to link back to your own Twitter or Blog. 

  • Don’t junk up your email inbox…
    When I stumble upon someone’s blog that I like and I want to see regularly other than by happenstance on Twitter, I subscribe to it. (Again, do unto others…) But I don’t use my email address where I receive correspondence for my blog or my Twitter. I have a separate email address specifically for that, so all of my emails about new posts don’t clog up my most important inbox. And when I find myself with a spare moment where I can sit and read, (Yea right!) I just check the most recent emails in that account. 

  • Respond to people when they comment…
    Whether that’s on my tweets or on my blog, I always respond to comments. People aren’t going to come back and comment again if they feel like their comments are making any impact or being seen. Make sure people know how much you appreciate them taking the time by responding, especially if you’re just starting out. 

  • Feature people you’ve recently chosen to follow…
    Especially if you’re like me and very choose-y with you follow. Once I’ve reached 10-15 new people I’ve followed from my last mention, I’ll do a new one and feature the parents I’ve recently followed. 

  • Find your people…
    Within your niche, find your people. Find the people who are most active on your tweets. Find the people who will actually interact with you and comment on your tweets or respond to your comments, even better if they will retweet! Make connects with people and stick with them. Mention them as your favorites and they will really appreciate it! 

  • Use daily popular Twitter Hashtags…
    Because I’m a mom, and therefore very, very forgetful, I usually only do this two to three times a week because I don’t remember every single day. But I actually have a notepad in my phone will all my favorite daily hashtags. If I ever can’t think of what to post on Twitter, I’ll use one of these. The most popular hashtags, in my opinion;
    • #MotivationMonday #MondayBlogs
    • #TransformationTuesday #TipTuesday
    • #WomanCrushWednesday #WednesdayWisdom
    • #ThrowbackThursday #ThankfulThursday
    • #FollowFriday #FridayFunday 
    • #ShoutoutSaturday 
    • #SundayFunday #SelfieSunday

  • Use the unique Twitter Hashtags…
    Like I said, I usually don’t get around to posting one every single day, but the uncommon ones are just as fun and it’s something different. The most unique ones and my personal favorites; 
    • #MotherhoodMonday (Cause Motherhood deserves a day!)
    • #TuesdayThoughts (Because Moms have a lot of thoughts.) 
    • #WaybackWednesday (Because one Throwback a week is not enough!)
    • #ThollowThursday (Brought to you by @dad_on_my_feet @DaddingAround and @TheMomBlogWI)
    • #FlashBackFriday (Again, can’t have only one Throwback, because usually I miss Thursday.) 
    • I don’t have any special ones for Saturday…
    • #SpotlightSunday #SundayReads (Another day to mention those favorite people of yours!) 

  • Don’t post anything important on the weekends…
    Don’t post anything that you want to actually been seen on Saturday and Sunday. You just won’t get the exposure you’re looking for or want. It’s the weekend. People aren’t working, they aren’t trying to make it through the week and need to escape to the Twitter-verse, and if you’re a parent, you’re probably spending time with your little ones instead of on your phones, (I hope). Saturday and Sunday are the slowest days in my opinion. But don’t be discouraged. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post on the weekend, but save your new blog post or your funniest tweet for Monday. Instead, make posts about your weekend adventures with your little ones. 

  • Set your own trend…
    Now this is definitely harder than it sounds, but if you can find a niche and make your own mark with something original, it’ll really set you apart from everyone else.  

  • Don’t be afraid to generate your own traffic…
    If you notice you’re not getting as many notifications as usual, go out there and make them yourself! Comment on other people’s tweets, share someone else’s tweet, mention someone, do a shout out, whatever it takes. Put yourself out there in front of people and break the dry spell! Only you can do it. Trust me, the more active you are, the more traffic and notifications you’ll get. 

  • Mostly importantly… Stick with it! 
    Don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the response you want. It takes time and there will always be days that are slow where you’re seriously lacking in the motivation department. But keep at it! Don’t give up. You’ll regret it and if your break the cycle you’ll have to start all over again and rebuild that momentum. It’s like getting out of bed even though you don’t want to. Do it anyways. Make the Tweet, take the shower, drink the cup of coffee. Go through the motions. It’ll make you feel better and it’ll definitely pay off in the long run! 

I hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I enjoyed writing them! I hope they can help anyone who is trying to make their way as a parent in the Twitter-verse, or in any niche, for that matter! If you find these tips to be useful or helpful in anyway, I’d love to hear about what sort of success you’re having or how you’re implementing these ideas and the progress you’re making. If you enjoyed this post, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with others and helped spread the love! As always, stay strong and keep loving those little ones. 


  • Dad So Hot

    Super helpful! You're right…there's a ton of information out there and it's very nice to have someone like yourself lay it out in a "nice, neat list." Thank you!

  • Tresa Strohkirch

    Hey Dad So Hot! Thanks for the comment!

    Yes! There's so many different blog posts about what to do if you're starting out on Twitter, but I've noticed that very few actually outline what to actually do to make progress. They are very vague and tell you to get your first 50 followers, but don't tell you how to go about getting them! So this is what I've been doing and how I've been successful thus far. And there's no shameful or constant pestering of followers, either! Which I was never a fan of. I hope to hear of any success you're having! Don't be afraid to reach out. Have a great holiday!

  • Tresa Strohkirch

    Hi thank you so much for commenting! It definitely isn't a hard and fast rule, but I've definitely noticed that things go pretty quiet on the weekends and I'm nowhere near as active on the weekends as I am during the week.

  • Unknown

    A lot of great tips, thank you. I'm just getting started with my blog and trying to get followers on twitter, so it's nice to see these things right out of the gate. As far as hashtags go have you ever checked out hashtagify me? It's pretty cool, you can put in your tweet and it will suggest top trending tags. I'd totally forgotten about it until I read your article and you mentioned hashtags. If you want to check it out:

  • Tresa Strohkirch

    Hi there Bold Truth Mama! Thank you so much for commenting.
    Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope it can help you! Feel free to reach out anytime, I'm more than happy to share tips and things I've tried. I hope you have a lot of success with your new blogging adventure! I will definitely check it out, thanks.

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