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Hi there, everyone!

Notice something a little different?

*Wink, Wink*
*Nudge, Nudge*

    It has been a long, looooong two months since I have created some new content and let me tell you, I have missed this! I have been sick, for I kid you not, two entire months. Two months! Back in January, I started with a sinus infection that just would not quit! It. Was. AWFUL!

    I eventually ended up with a sinus infection and started a round of antibiotics at the end of February, which did nothing! Absolutely nothing. So I muscled through every single day, every single week, waiting for it to get better. Some days were worse than others, but overall, I just felt like I was constantly in this fog, like a sick haze. I was just fumbling through each and every day, trying to make it to five o’clock and then trying to make it to bedtime. It was a struggle. I couldn’t even bring myself to blog.

    So a few weeks ago, it started to get really bad again and I still had a sinus infection. I went back to the doctor and they gave me another stronger antibiotic and coupled it with a steroid. And finally, fives days in, the fog finally lifted! I could finally think and function and I could make it past 10 am at work without feeling like I was dying! It was glorious. That was only five days ago! Oh my goodness, you know how when you’re sick, and you just get so used to being sick that you just don’t really realize how bad it actually is?

That was me. For an entire two months. Just a mess…

    But, I am feeling SOOO much better, now. And as you can see, The Mom Blog WI site has gone through a lot of changes! I am so excited to announce that I have finally migrated my site to a self-hosted WordPress site! Isn’t it amazing?!

The New & Improved | The Mom Blog WI | Mom Blogger from Wisconsin
The New & Improved | The Mom Blog WI

It’s so beautiful!!!

    Along with a transfer to WordPress, I also gave The Mom Blog WI brand a complete face-lift and re-haul, which is super exciting! If you don’t know much about The Mom Blog WI, I started blogging last year in June of 2018. I created the Twitter account for my blog in February of 2018 and built up a following for a few months before I actually began blogging. And when I first started on Twitter, I had to create a brand…

Mom Blogger from Wisconsin

Ta daaaa!

    This was my very first logo I created for The Mom Blog WI, and I adore this logo. It was the very first thing I created in Canva, which turned into a tool that I absolutely cannot live without. This logo was my main image across all platforms for an entire year and it started this amazing journey! It will forever be my starting point and 100% symbolic of where I started, where I came from and how far I will go.

My Old Site through Blogger for The Mom Blog WI
Likewise, here is a look at my old site through Blogger!

    It’s like a magical transformation! Haha, but seriously. I can’t believe I waited this long to make the change to WordPress and a self-hosted blog. The initial transfer was a little bumpy; a lot of the formatting for my previous blog posts has been jumbled up, which has been very frustrating to try and correct and also very disappointing.

    I’ve decided that rather than spending my time correcting old content and driving myself crazy with obsessing over how all my transferred content looks, I’m just going to move forward and create new content, which I cannot wait to start doing. All the struggles aside, the change has been well worth it, a million times over and I know it will continue to be an amazing transformation.

My very first blog post on The Mom Blog WI. Mom Blogger from Wisconsin.
Here is my very first blog post, back on June 8th, 2018. Big difference, huh?

    So this hasn’t even been a year-long blogging journey, yet. It feels like it has because I started my Twitter back in February because I knew I wanted an audience and to build a following. I wanted to make sure I had a community to show my content and stories to, but it really hasn’t even been that long yet. But the difference! Oh my, I am absolutely in love. I cannot wait to officially introduce to you… The New & Improved Mom Blog WI!!!


The New & Improved Mom Blog WI

The Mom Blog Wisconsin - Mom Blogger - Parenting, Toddlers, Momming & Self-Care
The Mom Blog Wisconsin | Mom Blogger | Parenting, Toddlers, Momming & Self-Care

    I’ve come such a long, long way from where I started a little over a year ago. Creating a brand from scratch has been a struggle but also so very rewarding. Getting my name out there in the blogging world and creating this amazing, supportive following and finding a great community of parents on Twitter and Facebook is exactly why I started blogging in the first place. It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to continue it from here.

The Mom Blog WI - Wisconsin Mom Blogger - Parenting, Toddlers, Momming Self-Care

Can you tell that I’m super excited?

Check out the New & Improved The Mom Blog WI! #MomBlogger #TheMomBlogWIisBack Click To Tweet

    I have always been 110% passionate about writing and blogging, for as long as I can remember. I’ve been writing in some form or another since I could journal as a child and it has brought me so far and made me exactly who I am today.

    I am so excited to start bringing you new content with my new site on everything Parenting, Mom Life, Toddlers, Blogging, Momming and more!

As always, keep on lovin’ those little ones like only you know how and buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride here at The Mom Blog WI!

Love, The Mom Blog WI


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