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10 Reasons Why 
You Should Write That Blog Post
Especially if you’re totally unsure about it…

10 Reasons Why You Should Write That Blog Post | The Mom Blog WI | Inspirational Blogging | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #Inspiration #Motivation #Writing

    As a blogger, a writer or an artist of any kind, it’s too easy to become discouraged or lose sight of your goals and ambitions. Sometimes, Motivation and Inspiration are the furthest from your fingertips and you feel completely lost. But hesitation and procrastination also come with fear. It’s too easy to stop writing or write off an idea when you’re worried or stressed out about how your message will be perceived.

    If you’re worried about writing something deep, personal or controversial, it’s probably because there’s a really great and important message behind what you want to say. You’re worried about offending somebody, or someone taking your jest too seriously. You’re afraid someone will judge you, have something harsh to say or criticize you unfairly.

Inspirational Blogging | Write That Blog Post | The Mom Blog WI #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #MindfulParenting #Independence #Encouragement #Inspiration #Motivation #Writing

    It’s from these fears and worries that the greatest blog posts come from! When you take those fears and harness the energy that comes from them, that’s when you create something raw and real! 

    When you overcome that fear and push everything else aside, that is when you become truly transparent and your readers will love that! Fearless writing is great writing and it usually comes with a great reward! Your readers want to see the real you. They don’t want something that vague and easy or safe. 

    Everyone can tell when you’re holding back and that is the hardest part of writing! Your readers want you to teeter on the edge, push the boundaries and write something truly magnificent. That is where truly great writing comes from. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Write That Blog Post | The Mom Blog WI | Inspirational Blogging | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #Inspiration #Motivation #Writing
    It can be hard to see when you’re drowning in your own thoughts and fears, but here are 10+ amazing reasons why you should write that blog post, even if you’re totally unsure about it! 

Someone might really need 
to hear what you have to say…

And you might not even know it.

Write because it makes you feel good.
If you want to write it, then there’s probably a really good reason why. If writing is your passion, it’s always worth it to write!

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Write about it because it fuels your soul…

If you’re passionate enough about it, it won’t matter if someone else has already written it.

Do it because the message is important 
to you…
If it’s important to you, then getting the message out there is worth anything else. 

Do it just because everyone else 
has already written about it…
And you’re going to do it better! Your version will be completely different than everyone else’s. There are over 7 billion people in this world. Chances are your followers haven’t read that blog post! 

Writing can help you clear your mind… 
If you ignore that thought or idea in your head that you want to write, you won’t be able to focus on any new ideas. Get it out of your head, even if you don’t publish it! 

10 Reasons Why You Should Write That Blog Post | The Mom Blog WI | Inspirational Blogging | #Toddler #Parenting #TheMomBlogWI #Blogging #MomLife #Inspiration #Motivation #Writing
You could make an amazing impact on someone’s life… 
We never know how our thoughts and ideas will be received. Write it anyway!

Chances are if you’re unsure about it, it’s because there’s a risk involved and that risk is always worth taking! 
Whether it’s a hot, controversial topic or something personal and deep, do it anyway. Your audience will appreciate a more transparent, personal you.  

Write because making a new blog post will help drive new traffic to your blog. 
And that’s one of the most important parts of writing. Getting new eyes will mean you’ve touched more lives.

Write because NOT writing is NOT an option!
Make it so that NOT writing is NOT an option! If you make writing a priority, everyone else will treat it like one!

As always, thank you for reading and following along on my blogging journey. Every day I spend writing, I get closer and closer to making my dream a reality, and I couldn’t do it without any of you. Keep on loving those precious little ones like only you know how and this week, write fearlessly. 

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