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Tips & Tricks | How To Blog More Consistently  

Tips & Tricks | 15+ Ways To Blog More Consistently | Parent Edition | The Mom Blog WI | #Blogging #Parenting #Writing #MomLife #Blogger #MomBlogger

   A fellow mom blogger reached out to me a while ago and let me know how much she was enjoying reading my blog, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to read that! One of my biggest problems as a new-ish blogger is figuring out what to write, and what my readers actually want to read. I can write about anything; I am not short on ideas. But it’s obvious that certain posts do better than others. My posts about daily life do okay, but they aren’t wildly popular. My posts about How to Get More Followers or How to Self-Promote Your Mom Blog are far more popular than anything else I’ve written. So when this fellow mom told me that she really enjoyed my How-To posts, I had a new influx of ideas. She suggested a post about how to blog more consistently…

Tips & Tricks | How To Blog More Consistently | Parent Edition | The Mom Blog WI | #Blogging #Parenting #Writing #MomLife #Blogger #MomBlogger

    I often ask myself what I know and what knowledge I have to offer my readers. I don’t consider myself a master in anything, or a perfect parent, but I have made it this far. I know when I was just starting, there were some things I would’ve love to know. For awhile, I wasn’t posting very consistently; my first month was pretty good, my second month was awful with only 2 blog posts, but here in my third and fourth month blogging, I’d like to think I’m doing really well considering how far I’ve come. I’m currently creating a new blog post about every three to five days. 

Tips & Tricks | How To Blog More Consistenyl | Parent Edition | The Mom Blog WI | #Blogging #Parenting #Writing #MomLife #Blogger #MomBlogger

    When she told me that she would read a post about how to post more consistently, at first I was baffled. I thought, “I don’t post consistently! I’m lucky if I post once a week!” But then I realized, some people don’t even get to post that much! She said that by the end of the day she’s tired, like all moms are! I’m tired too most nights. but lately I’ve been able to post a little more consistently, and I’m loving it! I’ll tell you that nothing has changed. I haven’t started this master plan that’s proven magical! I don’t have any foolproof schemes. I just do some little things that make it easier to iron out a blog post every few days, and maybe these things can help you, too.

The Hardest Part About Creating A Blog Post: 

    We all know that creating a blog post is time consuming. It usually takes me one or two hours, if I were to sit down and go from start to finish. Longer if I’m tired or lacking inspiration! Then it takes me maybe another 30-45 minutes to do any sort of styling, adding photos, quotes and finishing touches before I feel like a blog post is actually ready to be published and ready for the world, (and by world, I mean the Twitter-verse) to lay eyes on. The best thing you can do for yourself is identify what takes the longest for you and breaking that part up into smaller, manageable doses. 

Don’t Focus All Your Energy On One Blog Post:

    How many moms or dads have 3 consecutive hours to sit down in front of a computer??? Or even one hour if you’re doing short blogs? I don’t! I find the best way to post more consistently is to have multiple ideas going at once! Don’t focus on one blog post at a time. You don’t need to spend hours working on one single blog post in order to become more consistent. If you use your time wisely, you can make blog posts more consistently. I find working on only one blog post actually wastes more time. I end up with something long winded and not making any sense. Here are some tips for how to get to a place where you can post more consistently!

Don’t Spend More Than An Hour On One Blog Post;

    The hardest part about getting a blog post to the finish line is the amount of time it takes. I don’t know about you, but I can only look at a screen for so long before my eyes start to cross. I usually get about an hour in before I can’t work on one idea anymore. So I’ve started working on multiple ideas, all at once. But you have to use your time wisely. I’m a working Mom. If anyone knows how to wisely use time, it’s someone else, because it’s not me! I am terrible at time management. But by working on multiple ideas, I have multiple drafts in multiple different stages. This way I can work on something different every day and not keep beating the same horse. When I am on my game, I can post every few days. Here’s how I do it:

Keep A Notepad On Your Phone;

    Whether you’re blogging or tweeting, you need to have plenty of notepads going in multiple places so that you can always jot down ideas. Sometimes in the middle of the night or before bed you will have an idea, and you’ll want to write it down before you lose it! Have a notepad for tweets, a notepad for blog ideas, a notepad for your notepads! You can never have too many notepads going.

Keep A Notepad On Your Desk;

Tips & Tricks | How To Blog More Consistently | Parent Edition | The Mom Blog WI | #Blogging #Parenting #Writing #MomLife #Blogger #MomBlogger     This is a great way to quickly jot down ideas! If something comes to you in a moments notice, sometimes you just need to quickly jot it down before you lose it! I have so many pieces of paper and sticky notes with ideas, it’s not even funny. Do I get to them all? No, probably not. But if I ever have a moment to brainstorm and work on an idea, I have plenty of leads and ideas to work on and can try to form one into something tangible.

Keep Your Computer and A Notepad Open When You Have Down Time; 

    I’ve gotten into the habit of having my laptop or my tablet or a good old fashioned notepad around all the time. While I get lunch or dinner ready and the water is boiling, I’ll pound out a couple of paragraphs. Work on your blog posts during lunch and breaks, nap time, etc. You should have plenty of places available for you to work on blog post ideas. In between tasks at work or while your little one is playing independently or watching TV, type something out quick. Every little bit will help, even if it’s just for 5 minutes! 

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Recycle or Update Your Old Blog Posts;

    This is a great idea if you’ve been blogging for a long time or if you have multiple blogs that you can harvest ideas from. Scrolling back through old ideas can stir up new ideas and sometimes you can make minor changes and add some other elements or updates to make it fit into your blog ideas now. Especially as you go along and find your niche and figure out what works and what doesn’t, this can be very useful for finding more blog posts if you’re running short on ideas. 

Have Multiple Drafts Going At All Times; 

    You can NEVER have enough drafts! As I said above, I have more drafts than I have actual published posts, and I work on them all the time. If you think of an idea, save it. Don’t scrap it! An idea that you’ve come up with in the past, you may find renew inspiration and ideas for in the future! It’ll be a lot easier to go back and start or add to an idea if you’ve saved it. Never delete your drafts! You may surprise yourself and come back to an idea and find a masterpiece. It can get kind of hectic, and at times it is very unorganized, but it’s totally worth it! If you’re a neat freak and don’t like digital clutter, keep drafts in a Word Document. I have all my drafts in my blog so that I can easily access them at any given moment and work on them from anywhere. Every once and awhile when I need a new blog post, I’ll scroll back a few months, dust off an old idea off the shelf and try working on it. Eventually, you may have a fully formed idea if you work at it long enough. 

Re-Tweet Old Blog Posts; 

    Here’s a great way to recycle old blog posts and drive new traffic to your blog without even having to create a new blog post! If you’re having trouble meeting that crunch or falling behind, put an old blog post up on Twitter. Give it a new photo and a new title to try and catch the eyes of readers. You can do this especially if the first time you made your blog post it was a total flop! Go into the post, make some changes, add some flare, photos or quotes and see if you can get a second wind! I’ll do this to try and keep myself caught up. Every couple new blog posts, I’ll throw an old one in there and schedule that on Twitter. It’s a great way to give yourself some time to make more blog posts and a fantastic way to try and make some changes to old blog posts and try new things to see what works! Just make sure enough time has lapsed and you’re not doing this with a blog post for a week or two ago. 

Always Look At Your Ideas With Fresh Eyes; 

    Do this with old ideas and new ones! Walk away and work on something else and get some perspective. Get some new juice flowing into an old idea instead of beating the same horse over and over again. Do not spend 3 hours staring at the same idea. I go cross eyed staring at one thing for too long. If you have multiple hours of downtime, be it nap time, or after bed time, or you’re sneaking away to the local coffee shop for a few hours of peace and quiet, (Yea right, what’s that?) don’t spend all that time on one single blog post. Now, there are exceptions to this, but I rarely work on one blog for long if I have multiple hours of free time. I’ll work on 2 or three of my drafts and try to get each them closer to finished.

Tips & Tricks | How To Blog More Consistently | Parent Edition | The Mom Blog WI | #Blogging #Parenting #Writing #MomLife #Blogger #MomBlogger

Work On Blog Posts In Stages;

    I never work on a blog post from start to finish anymore. If I have an idea, I plop it into my notepad or on my phone and think about it for awhile and make some notes. Or if I need a new idea, I sit down and brainstorm a little bit. Then I’ll transfer it to my notepad on my computer. Once I’ve worked that idea into something tangible, I’ll transfer it to my blog as a draft. After I’ve spent about an hour on it, I walk away from that idea. Yep, I walk away. If I find myself with more time later in the day, I’ll go and work on a different idea. This is how I get multiple ideas going at once.

Save Your Drafts And New Ideas, Even If They Are Only Half Ideas; 

    You can never have too many drafts! Don’t ever delete an idea just because you can’t think of anything for it right now. Don’t ever delete an idea because you think it isn’t good enough! A couple of days ago, I had a dozen drafts saved on my blog. I often have more drafts than I do published blog posts! If I find myself with some time, I go and pull up an old draft and give it some fresh blood! I’ll work on it for awhile and eventually my drafts begin to take shape and I’m able to mold them into something tangible.

Sit Down and Brainstorm The Good Ol’ Fashioned Way; 

    For me, the best way to brainstorm some great ideas is to sit down with a pen and paper and just write. The way we used to. Something about holding a pen to a blank piece of paper quiets my mind and makes room for all the great ideas I have in my head. I can run from one idea to another and I find myself with a full page in no time. If you’re running short on ideas, sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm the good ol’ fashion way. There’s nothing like going back to your roots, the way writing used to be.

Work On Your Posts Whenever You Can;

    I know, we are all busy! We’re parents for crying out loud! We are nuts for even trying to work, and parent, and write a blog post all in one day! But I try to find time wherever and whenever I can, because it makes me so happy, and someday I’d like to be able to do this full-time. I don’t spend loads of time in front of my computer or on my phone or working in a notepad. If I had to say, I’d guess I actually spend very little time consistently working on anything. I do it in spurts, over hours and hours and days before I finally have a blog post ready. And it’s taken me a long time to get here, but I am finally in a place where writing is finally second nature, and busting out a blog post is stress free! Well, mostly. 

    I’ll work on my blog posts for a few minutes while I’m at work when things are slow. Some jobs may not allow for this, but I’m fortunate enough to make this happen. If I’m all caught up, sometimes there are 5, 10, even fifteen minutes of complete downtime where I can work on a blog post, and it helps! A LOT! I’ll squeeze in five or ten minutes while I’m on my break. If I was the type, I would get up 10 – 15 minutes earlier in the morning and spend some time working on a blog post, (I don’t get up any earlier than I need to, that’s just me.) But if that works for you, then squeeze that time in there! I’ll work on a blog post for a half an hour after my son goes to bed at night. While my boyfriend watches football, I’ll sit on the computer and hammer out a blog post. I really try to squeeze it in anywhere I can. But I’ve stopped thinking that I need to spend hours upon hours working on the same blog post.

Don’t Make New Posts Every Single Day;

    You’ll run yourself to the ground. It’s better to have good quality posts rather than posting every single day. Now, if you’re crazy enough and you can keep up with that kind of demand, then by all means, go for it! But, I know that I can’t, I would kill myself trying. If you’re like me, don’t pressure yourself into posting too often. Once or twice a week, three times at most is what I can keep up with most days. anything more than that and I start having to force myself to write, and that never produces anything of quality. Give yourself a realistic schedule and stick to it. Consistency will do wonders for you and your blog. 

Schedule Your Blog Posts and Tweets;

    I’ve recently started advance preparing my blogs as I’ve forged ahead. I don’t want to post blog posts every day, but I want to work on my posts and get them ready. So I’ve started scheduling my blogs to publish in the middle of the day, around or shortly after lunch time. I’ll then go ahead and schedule a Tweet introducing my new blog post. This takes away a lot of the stress of having to log-in and post new blog posts! It just happens!!! I don’t have to do anything after I set it up. At this point, I’ve schedule 4 blog posts in advance, and a Tweet to go along with it shortly after it publishes, and I am so excited about it! 

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Don’t Ever Stop! 

    If you want to be a blogger and make it happen, you can’t quit. You can’t force it, either, but it always has to be near the front of your brain! Right behind being a mom and working and eating and drinking and sleeping, writing needs to be right up there will all of those vital, important things! You need to eat, sleep and breathe writing! If you don’t take yourself and your writing seriously, no one else ever will. If you don’t make it a priority, it never will be one. 

    Someone once told me that it takes 21 days to create a habit. That’s 21 consecutive days of consistently writing, every single day! And it only 3 days to lose all the progress you’ve made. So if you’re 19 days strong and you slack off for 3 days, poof. Gone. You’ll have to start all over. In the past, I’ve made it as far as 15 days consistently writing and fell off the face of the earth for 3 days. It took me so long to get back into the habit again, because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re making a habit. If you would’ve asked me 3 months ago if I would’ve made it this far, I would’ve laughed and told you I would probably have given up by now, or gotten distracted and let it slip into the background. But here I am! I can’t even tell you how many days I have spent writing now, but I make a habit of writing something, anything, every single day. I don’t post every single day, but I do spend time being creative and writing, every single day. It took me so long to get here, but I’m finally here! And if I can do it, so can you!

    As Always, Keep on Lovin’ those Little Ones like only you know how and working hard on those blogs! If you liked this post, do me a favor and comment below with your thoughts, or follow me on Twitter @TheMomBlogWI and tell me what you think! Also, sharing with your friends and followers is the best way to help your favorite bloggers. Thank you so much, and have a great week! 

Tips & Tricks | How To Blog More Consistently | Parent Edition | The Mom Blog WI | #Blogging #Parenting #Writing #MomLife #Blogger #MomBlogger

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