10 Questions Every Writer Should Ask Themselves

    As a new, fresh amateur writer, there are a whole host of questions I ask myself, every day, every single time I write. Mostly, I ask myself these questions during my spirals of self-doubt, when I am feeling discouraged and seriously lacking motivation. It’s alright; it happens to the best of us. It’s normal, and healthy! A little self-doubt can go a long way, if you embrace it and turn it into something useful! 

    Every writer has questions. Every writer likes to think they have all the right answers. I’m here to say that I don’t have the answers. You may not either, and that’s okay! As a beginner or an amateur writer, I’ve come to realize that even if you don’t have all the answers, you still need to write! If you want to write, you need to write in order to find the answers. You need to figure it out as you go! You won’t find the answers just staring at a blank piece of paper or screen. The answers will come to you along the way, but you need to think about these things if you ever plan to find your niche or figure out where you’d like to be as a writer.

    These terribly daunting questions can discourage even the most sure, dedicated writer, and make them question their entire purpose. But it’s important to think about these questions and re-evaluate your progress often. Here are 10 questions every writer should ask themselves, almost every day, (and it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers).

1) Who am I? (What kind of writer am I?) 

    This question scares me. It’s by far the most daunting question out there for writers. My first thought is, ‘I have no idea!’ Most days, I’m not even sure what kind of writer I want to be. Four months ago, I would have dropped my pen and ran in the opposite direction of this question. Now? I embrace this question, face it head on and instead, I ask myself what kind of writer can I be?

2) What do I stand for? (What is my mission?) 

    You have to decide what your mission is. You can’t just go in there blind and hope to figure it out along the way. You’ll completely lack purpose and motivation. It doesn’t have to be complex. My mission at the start of this was simple; “Do something I love while connecting with other parents.” Most days, I completely lose sight of my mission, and that’s okay. But I always circle back to wanting to meet and connect with people on a level I normally wouldn’t have the change to, while enjoying what I’m doing as a writer!

3) Where am I going (as a writer)? 

    Feeling the burn, yet? This question is just as impossible to know the answer to as, ‘Where am I going in life?’ While it’s a great question to think about, you can’t get too hung up on the answer. You don’t need to have it all figured out, but you need to at least think about where you’d like to be.

4) Are my expectations realistic?

    As writers, we need to be realistic. We need to understand that fame isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes hard work and dedication. It’s tedious and demanding. Focus on the enjoyable, but also analyze your expectations and realign them with reality.

5) Am I good enough? 

    Some days, yes. Others, no. Here’s the point; it doesn’t matter! You will never be your best if you let this question (or any question) stop you. I have no idea if I am good enough right now. The answer is probably, ‘No!’ And that’s okay, because it’s not up to me! It’s up to our readers. They decide if the content is good enough. The good news is, if you keeping writing, every day, you’ll get better. And better is good enough.

6) What makes me remarkable?

    You don’t need the answer to be able to write, but you need to at least think about it and try to set yourself apart from everyone else. Embrace it! This is part of being a writer; you won’t have all the answers at first, maybe not even after a month, six months, a year. Don’t get discouraged! You still need to write, or else you’ll never find the answers. 

7) Why should people care about what I write? 

    Why should people care about what I have to say? Ouch! It’s the one questions that can completely cripple your self confidence. This one hurts the most, but it is essential in your everyday writing. You have to ask yourself this question, because it’ll bring you one step closer to finding your purpose, even though there are a million steps between here and there! What about your writing is going to make someone care enough to read it all the way through? Share it? What’s going to make them keep on coming back for more?

8) Do I believe in myself or my writing? 

    Most days, not really. Sometimes, I am just unmotivated, uninspired and discouraged beyond belief. Sometimes I think I am so full of crap that my readers can see right through my writing and see just how much of a fake I really am! The truth is, some days they probably can, and that’s okay! You don’t have to have it all together every single time. People are going to see that you aren’t at your best. And guess what? It’s going to make you real, more real than anyone else out there ever is! It’ll make you relate-able, and that’s what writing is all about. That’s what’s going to get you more followers.

    I once read an article by, 10 Catastrophic Blogging Mistakes That I’m Still Making, and I’ve never read anything more true;

“Even if you write 6 months of crap and then start over, you’ll be so much further down the road! You can’t ‘skip over’ the brutal learning period by avoiding it or waiting. Just hold your breath and dive in.”

    Even though the thought of writing absolute garbage for six months is terrifying, completely humiliating and debilitating, you still have to do it. You still have to make the effort, put in the time and log the hours. You’ll never learn what works and what doesn’t if you don’t ever start. 

9) How will I deal with failure? 

    I’m not saying you need a back-up or contingency plan, but you need a plan, every day, for how you are going to re-motivate yourself. You will run into tiny failures every day, and some days, these tiny failures will ruin you! ‘I lost 15 followers today! No one read my blog post. I can’t get the traffic I think I deserve! What am I doing wrong?!’ Don’t give up, and don’t dwell on small failures!

10) Am I being too hard on myself? 

    This is a very important question to ask yourself, every single day. We are always too hard on ourselves; some days we need it. Others, we are just unnecessarily brutal to ourselves. Give yourself a break. It’s okay to walk away from an unfinished project. Plan ahead for these delays in your writing. I plan to write all of my blog posts days before I even plan to post them. I have multiple drafts and ideas going all at once. When I need a blog post, I dig one up, edit it and then post it, then I move on to the next idea. Give yourself some room for error, for those unmotivated times, or even days.

    Make a list of questions you feel you should ask yourself every day. Questions that make you think, make you ponder your purpose. You should always be re-evaluating your purpose, revamping to make yourself better, reminding yourself of said purpose. The most important part of writing though, is to always be yourself, because that’s what people are in it for; to learn more about you and see someone real and genuine.

    What questions would be or are on your list? How often do you ask yourself these questions? Do these questions motivate you or do they knock the creative wind out of your sails?

    As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading and sharing. I hope there was something in here for everyone. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to leave a comment below and share with your friends. Tweet @TheMomBlogWI and let me know your thoughts! Keep on writing, Momma’s! 


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    These questions are so spot on!!! I ask myself these daily…and daily I struggle between wondering WHY I'm writing and being determined to help people through my writing. It's always such a battle within myself.

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