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Hi there,
my name is Tresa!

I’m the Mom Blogger, Creator and Content Manager behind The Mom Blog WI!

I’m also a Social Media Manager at Strategic Social Media Management! I offer social media management to small businesses in the area.

I’m a Wisconsinite, born and raised! I was born in Kenosha, WI and lived in Racine for most of my life. My entire family was born and raised in Wisconsin, as well. A little over a year ago, we moved to Green Bay, WI and we just can’t imagine ever living anywhere else, much less moving out of Wisconsin! Where else would we get great beer and fantastic cheese?!

The Mom Blog WI Family sporting our Packers Gear!

Our family loves to watch the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee Brewers, mostly from our couch, but we love to tailgate on occasion, too! Cause we wouldn’t be Wisconsinites if we didn’t love grilling in a parking lot before the big game! We love supporting local, family-friendly restaurants and small businesses. In our free time, we enjoy traveling to beautiful Door County, WI for a day trip by the shore or taking a bike ride along the peninsula!

I had the idea for The Mom Blog WI early in 2016. I was a new Mom to my son Jackson and was creating content for my own Logophile blog back then. I struggled to create content for my blog because my life now revolved around my little bundle of joy and of course it was all-consuming. I was a mom now, and that would be my life literally for the rest of my life. It only made sense for me to write about what I was absolutely passionate about.

When searching for my blog name, The Mom Blog was already spoken for and widely overused across social media in different forms. Of course, my next search was for The Mom Blog Wisconsin. The first blog that came up was Maureen over at Wisconsin Mommy. She’s a Mom Blogger from Milwaukee.

Classic The Mom Blog WI
The original image of The Mom Blog WI!

So, I decided to combine my three loves in life; being a mom, writing and being a thorough-bred Wisconsinite, and thus began The Mom Blog WI journey!

The Mom Blog WI Org. Logo

Original “The Mom Blog WI” Logo!

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. In Elementary and Middle School, I wrote short stories with friends in my free time. Writing has always my strong suit and my favorite subject in school. I knew early that I wanted to turn writing in a career, and I went to college for English with a Writing Concentration. I’ve successfully completed NaNoWriMo once and participated 2 other years, as well. So, it only made sense to take that and turn it into something I did every single day!

I started consistently blogging 2 years ago with The Mom Blog WI, but writing has taken me lots of places. A wise professor of mine once told me;

“If you can write and communicate effectively, you will always have an important place in this world.”

I use my writing passion and skill nearly every single day; whether that’s creating content for my blog, posts on social media with mini-blog posts on Facebook or Instagram, updating websites or creating graphics, or even just having a conversation. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you’ll enjoy following along on my parenting journey and I hope we get to connect soon!

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