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Monday, February 4, 2019

14 Perfect Gifts for Dad on Valentine's Day

Perfect Gifts for Dad on Valentine's Day

Get Dad What He Really Wants This Valentine's Day

14 Perfect Gifts for Dad on Valentine's Day | The Mom Blog WI
*** Disclaimer | This post contains affiliate links. 
This means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read 
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Every Valentine's Day, you read about, 
"The Perfect Gifts for Her," or, "The Perfect Gifts for Mom." 
But how often do you hear about the perfect gifts for Dad? 
Dads do just as much work as Moms all year long, and they
 deserve to be lavished and loved on this holiday, too! 

Guys are always missing out on Valentine's Day because 
what guy wants roses or flowers sent to their doorstep? You don't 
buy a guy a great, big giant teddy bear or a giant box of decadent 
chocolates in a pink box with a bow on it, unless they really love 
chocolate. This year, get Dad the gift he actually wants, 
(Please, so he will shut up!)

Gotta Love a Good Pole Dance
Funny Fishing Pole Humor Fisherman Unisex T-Shirt
Sport Grey by Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company

    Now, I usually try to feature items that are eligible for Amazon Prime's Fast, FREE Shipping, but this one was too good to pass up! I showed this shirt to my boyfriend and he died laughing! What I love most about this brand is that these shirts are printed right in Michigan! I love supporting a local, USA brand. Their website even breaks down what percentage of their fees goes towards what. 97% of it stays right here in the US, right in our backyards, which is amazing! If your man is a fisher, this shirt will keep him cool while he's baking under the hot sun doing his best pole dance! 😉

What's a fisherman without his hat? 

    I absolutely LOVE Columbia. Their products are great, high quality and dependable. I actually talked my boyfriend into getting this hat last fishing season and he loved it. It's lightweight, collapsible so it packs nice and it keeps him plenty cool, unlike most canvas hats. It also has Columbia's Omni-Wick fabric around the rim which wicks away sweat and Omni-Shade UPF 50 Technology to help against the hot sun! 

Piscifun Torrent One Piece Baitcasting Rod 
IM6 Carbon Casting Rod, Lightweight, Sensitive
Well Balanced Fishing Rod

    If your guy is serious about fishing, you'll know right where I'm coming from. I never, EVER stop hearing about fishing poles, especially the high-end ones. We always have to walk down the fishing pole aisle at the store. And he's gotta pick them up and hold them and balance them on one finger. It's really quite the endeavor. This one usually goes for around $100 but it's "stupid cheap" right now. I received endless, not so subtle hints this past Christmas season about this pole. It has a High Strength Graphic Reel Seat, whatever that is and is black and red, "very manly." 

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel 

18LB Carbon Fiber Drag 7.1:1 Baitcasters 
Unequaled Affordable High-tech Innovation Baitcast Reels

    Also typically around $100, I've been told that you can't have a good rod without a reel, which just sounds like a dirty joke to me! The reel does qualify for Amazon Prime's Fast, FREE Shipping, which means I heard about it right up until 3 days before Christmas and will continue to hear about 2-3 days before Valentine's Day! This reel's, "Advanced, 3-washer, gives the low profile baitcasting reel physically powerful 18LB carbon fiber drag." Sounds like they are just stringing words together to make it sound good. 

Rapala Rippin Rap Crankbaits 
(5 Packs, Multiple Colors) 

    Want to know what I never stop hearing? Baits... We gotta stop at Fleet Farm or Dick's Sporting Goods for more baits. Crankbaits and Worms and hooks. The self-convincing, "Can't ever have too many baits," line as we are standing in front of the bait racks as he grabs another package of worms. And then there's always the tall tale of a fish swimming at the bottom of the lake with his crankbait that he lost a year and a half ago. I don't know why, but supposedly this is the best brand and they come in packs of 5, some of which are eligible for Amazon Prime FREE Shipping, and they come in multiple colors! Though, I'm told the neon-green ones are the best. 

    I don't know what they do with this stuff, but we always need more fishing line! For having the best, it breaks an awful lot. Then they lose more lures and baits and need more baits and then they need more line for the pole and you see how this becomes a vicious circle, right? They have so many different fishing poles, too. This one's for that and this one's for this and NO, you cannot use that one for this! They're like purses for men; "The blue one doesn't match my tackle box!" And you can't bend the tip or anything, either! But, I digress. This braided fishing line is top of the line! (See what I did there?) 

  • Round, smooth, and sensitive braided fishing line. 

    I'm not really sure why you would want your fishing like to be smooth and sensitive, but OK! When I think of words that appeal to men, I think of rugged and heavy-duty, but whatever floats your boat! (See what I did again? 😉
  • Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) boosts handling performance
Now they're just making stuff up! 🤣
  • Fish for Walleye, Trout, Panfish, or Bass
    They knew what they were doing here. What guy doesn't want to just buy one thing and it works for everything? One line to sink them all! (I crack myself up!)

Morakniv Craftline Pro S Allround Fixed Blade Utility Knife 
With Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade and Combi-Sheath, 3.6-Inch 

    Guys can never have enough knives. They have one with a clip on it, one for in the tackle box, another for cutting things, there's one in the bedside table! They keep them on their hip like a woman keeps a purse. They whip 'em out when we start to even slightly struggle with opening a package or box. "Here, use my knife." 

  • Fixed blade utility knife with stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic handle of TPE rubber provides optimum grip
  • Hard plastic Combi-Sheath allows for the connection of a second knife and sheath
    When I asked my boyfriend what ergonomic meant and he pulled out his knife and balanced it on two fingers and said it meant it was a "well-balanced knife." And let's not forget the "Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty." Which basically means they'll cover it for the manufacturer's decided lifetime of the life, not your lifetime. What a joke! 

XJunion Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool 
Multi-Function 4 in 1 Fly Line Clippers 
With Zinger Retractor Combo

    I was also sent many shameless texts, links and not-so-subtle hints about this fisherman's multi-tool. It's also Eligible for Amazon Prime's Fast, FREE Shipping!

    I have absolutely no idea how to tie anything beyond a slip-knot. But for someone who loves fishing, my boyfriend is crap at tying most knots, too. Half of the lures he loses I think are from operator malfunction. (They lose SO MANY lures!) He has nightmares about the baits he's lost, talks about them like horror stories; fish swimming around at the bottom of a river with his bait that they took from him still lodged in his gills, taunting him. I wish I was joking. This tool is the tool to solve them all! Hook, Line & Sinker;
  •     Fly line fast knotting tool with 4-in-1 quick knot knotter, wire cutter, hook sharpener, eye cleaner, D-ring for easy connection.
    • *Quick... Knot... Knotter...*
  •     High-quality material made of stainless steel with high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance.
  • Retractable Zinger - Equipped with retractable reel 60CM/24in nylon cord, Net weight 16 g / piece.
    • *I asked what a Zinger was and he said he had no idea, but he really wants it.*
  •     Durable - Corrosion-resistant, versatile, more convenient, safer and more durable, it is one of your outdoor fishing partners.
  •     The wire cutting head is designed with a rubber handle - Even with gloves or wet hands, the pliers remain stable. 
    Every man's dream; something durable, dependable, and also his right-hand man. If your guy is into fishing, he will love this tool! 

    Cause I'm always hearing about how he's going to learn to fly fish and how it takes expert skill! "If you believe what you read, fly fishing requires the touch of a surgeon and the spirit of a Zen master." Well here's to show ya, anyone can learn how to Fly Fish, even dummies. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fly fish and he'll sit in his boat and drink beer all day. 

    Also Eligible for Amazon Prime's Fast, FREE Shipping! 

Bassdash Strap Fishing Vest 
Fly Bass Fishing and Outdoor Activities
Adjustable for Men and Women

    At first, I thought this said "Badass fishing vest," cause well, let's be honest; that's what it looks like! You could fit a million things in this thing! It has 18 pockets! Do you have any idea how many snacks, juice boxes, string cheeses, and fruit snacks I could fit into 18 different pockets?! I could keep a toddler army at bay for DAYS! This fishing vest comes highly recommended with 5 out of 5 stars! It has adjustable shoulder and waist straps, it's made out of lightweight, breathable material so it'll dry fast if it gets wet and it has padded shoulder straps! It's also eligible for Amazon Prime's Fast, FREE Shipping, which I'm addicted to, by the way! 

Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Continuous Spray Sunscreen 

With Insect Repellent 6 oz by AB

    What fishing trip isn't complete without the onslaught of mosquitos and pesky bugs? This spray really is the best of both worlds; insect repellant and sunscreen all in one. There's nothing I hate more than my guy coming home after a trip burnt to a crisp! Bull Frog Spray Sunscreen comes highly recommended with great reviews; 4.3 out of 5 stars! My boyfriend swears by it!

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Straw
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
20 oz, Ashland Chill Scuba

    While sending your man packing for the day, you can't forget to keep him cool and hydrated. My boyfriend absolutely loves this brand. This stainless steel, vacuum sealed water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours! If they aren't home in twelve hours, they've got bigger problems on their hands than not having any more cold water!

    Easy one-handed drinking, so they can keep hold onto their pole with the other hand and convenient pop-up straw on this AUTOSPOUT lid so they can keep their eyes on the prize. And my all-time favorite, Amazon Prime's Fast, FREE Shipping!

BigMouth Inc. The Gone Fishin' Mug
Fishing Bobber Ceramic Coffee Cup
Fish Mug by BigMouth Inc

    What better way to let him know he's going fishing than with a classy mug full of coffee to start his morning off right! Fill 'im up and send 'im on his way. Tell him to take the kids with him, too! 🤣 If you know of any more good fishing puns, let minnow! 

Good For One Fishing Trip...

    Don't forget to throw in plenty of promised, dedicated free-time for fishing and some sandwiches for the road! 

Show Dad the love he deserves 
and let him go fishing this year! 

As always, thank you for following along on this amazing blogging journey I've started! It's been amazing to connect with all of you and I couldn't do any of this without you. Keep on loving those little ones like only you know how, and don't forget to help them show Dad some loving this Valentine's Day! 


  1. This is a great collection of gift ideas. Thank you.

  2. That's quite a variety of gifts for fishing. I am not that familiar with fishing, so it's nice to have some ideas when it comes to shopping for gifts.

  3. I like the bobber mug. That would be a great gift for my dad if he were still around.


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